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Frequently Asked Questions about Kala's ® Cups
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Are Kala's® Cups Made in Australia?

Kala’s® Cups & spouts are wholly owned & manufactured here in Australia, together with the packaging, which is also bio-degradable (unlike plastic blister packaging). Having all components made in Australia eliminates the necessity for fumigation chemicals used in imported products.

Is Bisphenol A (B.P.A) Used in the manufacture of Kala’s® cups

We were very specific in the manufacturing process to make sure the Kala’s® brand was free of not only Bisphenol A (B.P.A.) but all carcinogens that can be found in fluoro colour pigments or glow in the dark colours. We care for the health of your children & the environment.

Are Kala's® Cups leak proof

Kala’s® Cups are totally leak proof, giving you peace of mind wherever you go

Are Kala’s® Cups easy for kids or the disabled to hold?

Kala’s® Cups have specifically designed handles, large & yet thin enough for all four fingers to easily grip them.

Will they break if dropped like all the other brands I have bought?

Kala’s® Cups have been manufactured in a lightweight material which will not break when dropped.

Is it difficult to remove the lids like some other brands?

Kala’s® Cups have a screw top lid, making it almost impossible for a small child to remove but at the same time making it easy to remove for a parent or carer.

Why is the spout in the middle of the lid & not on the edge like other brands?

The spout was designed to fit in the middle of the main lid , in line with the handles for easy coordination to the mouth. When the spout is located on the edge of a sipper cup the child can get a nasty bang on the nose when they pick the cup up back to front. Kala’s® cups help children to be able to drink with ease while they are still learning their coordination skills. Happy children = Happy parents.

Why is Kala’s® Spout round instead of oval?

The spout was designed round mostly to resemble the mother’s nipple for younger babies, but firmer than a silicone teat to withstand the teething child’s tendency to bite down on it. The round shape makes it virtually impossible to squash the spout while teething, which would distort the valve and allow it to leak if it were the oval shape of the past.
The round shape rather than oval for adults using Kala’s® spouts looks and feels far more sporty than an oval spout would and far easier to drink from.

Why does the spout unscrew from the main lid?

The idea of unscrewing the round spout from the lid changes the concept of a baby cup into a spout/cup for all ages. The spout can be removed for refilling the cup without removing the lid, can also be used on any standard 28mm drink bottle for children & adults to use for travelling or sport purposes and most importantly can be purchased separately when new ones are needed, rather than having to purchase a whole new cup.

Does the valve come out and fit into the neck of the spout like other brands?

No the valve is permanently machine fitted into the tip of the spout and is a permanent fixture, making it perfectly safe and easy to clean with no bacteria traps. The valve being at the tip of the spout means, when you stop drinking the drink stops flowing.

Why can I not find Kala’s® cups in my local store or pharmacy.

If you cannot locate a store selling Kala’s® brand, it may be because no one has told them about us yet, so please tell your local store how great Kala’s® products are and ask them to contact us. We will be happy to give them the details of our distributor or sales agent operating in their area.

Are Kala’s® spill proof Cups suitable for the elderly, disabled or patients in hospital?

The ease of use of the Kala’s® Cups makes them ideal for the elderly or disabled to use and is especially useful for anyone who is recuperating in hospital or at home and finds it hard to sit up in bed.