Kala's® the Australian brand you can trust
Kala’s Cups and spouts were created by Michaela Carter,
from Berry NSW. Michaela spent many years
designing and producing her own brand of spill proof cups
that are manufactured here in Australia.
They are made of polypropylene and polyethylene,
considered safe and free of BPA.

Michaela sketched her first
design on a McDonalds serviette Kala's
cups will not break when they are dropped, the spout
is located in the centre of the lid, so it doesn’t matter
from which angle the child picks up the cup,
handles are wide enough and thin
enough for the child to put all four fingers through,
a round spout incorporating a valve therefore will not be crushed by
your child's teeth, easy-use screw-on lids and spouts,
and a valve that flows well and does not spill.

This is attested to by a Learjet captain; Steve Hunt, who used to live in
Berry and used the cups for his children, fitted a
spout to a 500ml water bottle and took it with him
on 75 flights. Despite extremes of temperature,
strong accelerations and decelerations,
manoeuvres up to 3G, fast changes of aircraft
altitude from sea level to 40,000ft, and being
dropped many times, he says in a letter to Michaela,
it never once leaked and highly recommended and endorsed the product.

Kala's Little Stars was a finalist in the
Illawarra Business Chamber awards in 2007 & 2008.

Kala's 200ml cup RRP $12.95, and a 300ml cup,
RRP $14.95. Kala's spouts which also fit on any standard
28mm water bottles (three-pack RRP $9.95)